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3 Health Benefits of Milkfish in More Details

Monday 4 September 2017

3 Health Benefits of Milkfish in More Details

Health benefits of milkfish are not only because it is low in sodium and mercury level. It also offers numerous nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The omega 3 fatty acids oil in milkfish is the main reason of why you should eat this good and healthy fish. Since human body cannot produce natural omega 3, they need to eat fish as the source to get omega 3. Eating fish is better than eat omega 3 supplement capsules since you can get the oil naturally with other various nutrients including protein, selenium, calcium, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin B5, and many more. Here are further details of healthy benefits of milk fish.
Health benefits of milkfish in more details
Milkfish is low in calories as well, 100 grams of milkfish or bangus contain only 148 calories about 7 percents of your total daily need intake. Moreover, milkfish is low in fats and cholesterol making it a good and healthy choice for weight loss diet. Milk fish have 6.73 grams of fat and 52 milligrams of cholesterol.
The nicest thing about milk fish is that, it is totally sugar free and carbohydrate free. It is also contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Below are the details of health benefits of milkfish nutrition:
1.      Nutrients in milk fish are:
-          Protein: By eating milkfish, it already contributed about 41 percents of total daily intake. Average adult needs 50 grams of protein and 100 grams of milk fish contains 20.53 grams of protein.
-          Water: 100 grams of milkfish contains 70.85 grams of water or about 70.9 percents of total weight.
-          Sodium: Just like we already mentioned before, milkfish offering low sodium level because 100 grams of milkfish contains only 72 mg of salt or 5 percents of total daily needs for average adults. Too much sodium is not good for your body either.

2.      Vitamins in milk fish are:

-          Vitamin B12: It is important to include milkfish in diet menu because it contributes to give vitamin B12 which useful to help maintaining healthy nervous system as well as make blood cells. Eat 100 grams of milkfish give 57 percents daily recommended value for average adults already.
-          Vitamin B5: Healthy benefits of milkfish is in the B vitamins package such as vitamin B5 which is good to enhance immune system. Vitamin B5 also helps liver to metabolize toxic substances and improve hemoglobin level in our body.
-          Vitamin A: This vitamin known with its retinol benefits that good to maintain healthy eyes/ vision. It also helps to enhance immune system, skin health, cell growth, protein formation, and so on. Consume 100 grams of milkfish contains 100 IU of vitamin A.
-          Vitamin B3: Also called as nicotinic acid main benefits is to improve good cholesterol (HDL) plus and triglyceride levels and lower bad cholesterol or LDL in our blood. Eating 100 grams of milkfish helps to contribute about 32 percents of daily recommended value for an average adult.
Milkfish offers vitamin B2, vitamin B9, and vitamin B1 too. They are all needed to improve your body function. Healthy benefits of milkfish is packaged with full of vitamins indeed.
3.      Minerals in milk fish are:
-          Potassium: The benefits of this mineral are it helps to build protein, keep normal body growth, build muscle, controlling acid-base balance, and so on. Consuming 100 grams bring about 292 milligrams of potassium.
-          Calcium: Milkfish is popular as bony fish, they have numerous bones and this is why they are high in calcium too. Calcium most important benefits points are it helps to strengthen bones, heart, teeth, and lower hypertension risk. 100 grams of milkfish brings 51 milligrams of calcium which is about 5 percents of daily recommended value for average adults.
-          Selenium: Health benefits of milkfish fish are the selenium that can help our body to stay healthy and according to some studies, it can helps to prevent certain cancer disease such as prostate, colon, skin, lung, etc. By eating 100 grams of milkfish you can get 12.6 micrograms of selenium already.
Health benefits of milkfish in minerals aside those that we already mentioned such as manganese, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and many more. Milkfish also lower in saturated fats so this fish is the safest fish to eat.


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