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How to Fillet Milkfish Like an Expert

Monday 4 September 2017

How to Fillet Milkfish Like an Expert

How to fillet milkfish is hard at first but after few more practice, you surely will be able to make a perfect fillet for bangus milkfish recipe. Milkfish is nice to have when you want to eat seafood with mild taste especially for those who do not like too fishy flavor. Although milk fish is popular to be pan fried as a whole, but by filleting the bangus, it makes you more comfortable to eat the fish since you do not have to pick the bones while eating.
Of course you can always buy fresh or frozen fillet milkfish at grocery stores, but when you want to get cheaper milkfish then buying whole round fresh or frozen bangus is the best option. After that, you can fillet the fish yourself using simple steps and it is all worth it to be tried. Learn how to fillet milkfish by following these guides below.

Steps how to fillet milkfish on your own
With this deboning process, you will get butterfly milkfish fillet which can be used for many milkfish fillet recipes and cooked in many ways such as grilled butterfly milkfish fillet, pan fried, baked, and so on. There are two process that you should follow so how to fillet milkfish steps can be successfully completed.
1.      The first process is pre-preparation
-          Before you debone and fillet the milk fish bangus, you need to clean the fish. Wash the fish right after you buy from the grocery store or fishmonger. You can remove all the silvery scales or just leave them on. Usually people who want to deep fry the milkfish like this crispy appearance, so you may want to keep the scales attached still.
-          Cut the fish into split with sharp knife, you need to make a split start from the tail to the head by run the edge of your knife along the backbone. Be careful when doing this so the cut result in neatly split.
-          Gutted the fish, remove the internal organs by laying the fish on the cutting board like butterfly fillet. Remove the gills with the guts and if there is any dirt and blood, you should wash the fish to remove them. If you spot a black membrane like belly fats, you may or may not remove it too depending on your recipe. Wash the fish under running cool water.
-          Remove the backbone and the dorsal fin. Lay the fish with the skin stick to the cutting board. Hold the sharp knife horizontally and then cut along the backbone from the head to tail to. Cut the dorsal fin as well. After you are done with all these jobs, next you should know how to fillet milkfish by following below steps.
2.      Start deboning process

-          Milkfish has a lot of spines and this is important that you know where the spines location is before you debone the fish. For your information, there are 196-208 of total spines, but you do not need to count on them when remove the bones.
-          Place the fish on the cutting board and then remove the spines. Check the belly cavity to rip the bones. When debone the fish, you need to get rid several place of milkfish bones including:
·         Dorsal intermascular spines
·         Lateral intermascular spines
·         Ventral intermascular spines
-          To remove all those bones you need to use long nose pliers with small size since larger pliers will be difficult to be used when remove the spines. Please when remove the bones; you need to firmly hold the fish especially when you want to cut the fish so the knife is not go through the flesh.
-          After you debone the fish, you can start to marinate the fish with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Marinate the fish at least 15 minutes so the seasoning can be absorbed perfectly. You can also put vinegar and minced garlic as extra marinates seasoning.
You can cook the boneless and skinless (or leave the skin on) by fry the fish with cooking oil. Flip the fish if one side is cooked, just cook both side of the milk fish around 10 minutes until they turn golden brown and flake easily with fork. Hope these guides about how to fillet milkfish and marinate it help you cook the delicious recipe.


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