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Is Milkfish Good or Bad? Here is the Answer!

Monday 4 September 2017

Is Milkfish Good or Bad? Here is the Answer!

Milkfish good or bad is probably depends on the contents the fish have. Milkfish is known as tropical water fish with silvery body and toothless mouth. Milkfish known popularly as bangus in Philippines and bandeng in Indonesia, they are both becomes the largest producers of milkfish in the world that exported their seafood products around the world. Milkfish is considered to be good since they bring high quality content of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. However, just like other fish, milkfish also have a mercury concern although the levels are not as high as tuna or salmon and this is why milkfish is considered to be one of the safest fish that you can eat.

Is milkfish good or bad? Here are the lists of the nutrition facts
Milkfish contains many healthy nutrients and vitamins, that’s why from those nutrition facts you may can judge whether the milkfish good or bad. Here are some of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins contained in the milkfish bangus or bandeng:
1.      Protein: Average people need to take 50 grams of protein each day and high quality milkfish can offer about 41 percents of total daily needs for average adults. 100 grams of milkfish have about 20.53 grams of protein.
2.      Omega 3 fatty acids: Omega 3 is the most important nutrients in milkfish; they are good to support a healthy heart while lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. The omega 3 also contains DHA and EPA which is good for brain development and function. Moreover, it is recommended that pregnant mother eating enough omega 3 fatty acids to help increase breast milk and its quality. Meanwhile, for young children, omega 3 is good to help brain development and focus. Omega 3 also being said can reduce stress disorder.
3.      B vitamins: Milkfish is high in B vitamins and this is why milkfish is considered to be a healthy fish. 100 grams of milkfish offers 3.4 micrograms of Vitamin B12 which can contribute about 57 percents of daily recommended value for an average adult. Besides vitamin B12, bangus also contains other several B vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, and vitamin B9. Those vitamins are really important for overall body function, maintaining body health, and improve them.
4.      Vitamin A: Retinol in vitamin A is known to improve and maintain healthy eyes or vision. In addition, it can help to enhance immune system, skin health, cell growth, and so on. 100 grams of milkfish contains 100 IU of Vitamin A which is about 3 percents of daily recommended intake for an average adult. When you want to judge whether milkfish good or bad then you can consider the answer from its vitamin A benefits.
5.      Calcium: Since milkfish is considered to be a bony fish, of course they contain a lot of calcium as their important minerals. This vital mineral is famously known to strengthen the bones, heart, and teeth. Furthermore, calcium is help to lower certain risk of diseases such as seizures and hypertension. Consuming 100 grams of bangus milkfish provides 51 milligrams of calcium which is about 5 percents of daily recommended intake for an average person.
6.      Zinc: Just like calcium, zinc is also a vital mineral for our body because it can help to reduce stress level, control digestion, diabetes, energy metabolism, and to improve immune system. Consuming 100 grams of milkfish bangus help to provide about 0.82 milligrams of zinc which is around 5 percents of daily recommended intake for a person.
Those are just several examples of nutrition facts of milkfish bangus/ bandeng. This is why milkfish good or bad then we can surely conclude that milkfish is a great and good seafood to eat. Some people may be concerned with the mercury content of milkfish, but you do not have to be worried since the methyl mercury level of milk fish is considered to be lower than other species of fish. In addition, milkfish is lower in fats, calories, and cholesterol thus it is recommended that you include milk fish in your diet menu. And if you are in weight loss diet then milkfish which low in calories but high in protein is one of the best choices to have. Milkfish good or bad is not a questionable anymore after you learn about milkfish nutrition facts above.


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