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Milkfish vs Salmon, Which One is the Best?

Monday 4 September 2017

Milkfish vs Salmon, Which One is the Best?

Milkfish vs salmon in regards of their popularity, well we can totally said that milkfish is less popular than salmon. Salmon is one of the most favorite seafood fish globally and they are often served as high class of fish especially for certain types of salmon. This is even sold as the most popular fish in America and of course any other countries. The global harvest even increased more and more for the past few years and they are widely traded in various markets.
How about milkfish then? Well, milkfish is a small silvery fish and although it is less popular than salmon, but many people still looking for it especially if they want to replace tuna meats ingredient in certain recipes. Now, we would like to compare the quality of milkfish vs salmon and you are the one who is going to decide which one you prefer between both of the fish.

About milkfish vs salmon
Salmon fish
Salmon is famous seafood and classified as an oily fish and they are considered to be a healthy meal since the fish offers omega 3 fatty acids oil. Salmon flesh is range from red to orange color. One of the most popular types of salmon fish is Atlantic salmon and they are available as a seafood product worldwide and almost 99 percents of them sourced from farm fishing, meanwhile another type of salmon like Pacific salmon more than 80 percents are wildly caught.
Salmon are sold in various styles such as fresh, frozen, fillets, and steaks. Fillets are one of the most popular salmon products along with steaks. In fact, salmon popularity is often a bit confusing with many people claiming about their healthy milkfish nutrition as well as their concerning problem.

Pacific pink salmon is very popular for canneries and making it more affordable choice for those who seek wild fresh salmon. However, this rule does not apply for people who looking for Atlantic salmon which is just like we mentioned above, a famous name for farmed salmon. That’s why when you purchase salmon products; make sure that you ask the fishmonger or the market staff where the fish are sourced from.
Milkfish bangus/ bandeng
Milkfish bangus or bandeng is really popular in certain areas especially in Southeast Asia such as Philippines and Indonesia. Milkfish is relatively small with size about 1m, but it can grow up to 1.8 m. Milkfish just like salmon is regarded as a healthy seafood product since it contains omega 3 fatty acids and lean protein.
Milkfish has silvery body with toothless mouth and mild taste to experience. Milkfish can be found mostly across the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Indonesia and Philippines are two major producers of milkfish and they are sold and distributed the fish from wildly caught source as well as fishing farm. Although milkfish is considered to be very bony since it has numerous small bones that hard to be removed, but many people still enjoying eating the fish due to the taste which is neither too strong and neither too mild. It is a perfect choice for those who does not like too strong flavor of fish. Now, let’s talk about milkfish vs salmon.
Which one is the best? Milkfish vs salmon
Talking about milkfish vs salmon then even though salmon is more popular than milkfish, but milkfish have higher omega 3 fatty acids content and even certain other nutrients as well. Surprisingly, milkfish have this natural oil six times higher than salmon! According to some research of Institute for Fisheries Development and Quality Testing in 1996, the omega 3 fatty acids level in milkfish is around 14,2 percents which exceed greatly the amount of omega 3 oil in salmon which is only 2,6 percents as well as other species of fish such as sardines and tuna. So, if you really concerned with the amount of omega 3 fatty acids, then you may prefer to eat milkfish instead of salmon fish. Moreover, farmed salmon is known to have dioxins high levels issue and thus if you really care about that matter, you may want to think twice before eating farmed salmon. Fortunately, the benefits of eating salmon are far higher than the risk of dioxins. Now, after you learn about milkfish vs salmon. You can judge it on your own.


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