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Cooking Fresh Milkfish Frying Recipe

Sunday 3 September 2017

Cooking Fresh Milkfish Frying Recipe

Cooking fresh milkfish need to be done in a flash because you should use the fish quickly before it turns to spoil. There are many ways to cook fresh fish that just being caught, but keep its freshness is the most important matter before you cook the fish. After you purchase the fresh milk fish bangus, maybe you want to cook it soon right when you arrive at home. But if not and you want to use it later for dinner then you need to store the fish in the coldest part of the refrigerator to retain its freshness.

How to pick the best cooking fresh milkfish ingredient?
The main ingredient on this cooking fresh milkfish recipe is milkfish bangus with mild flavor but bony texture. They are a healthy silvery fish provides excellent choice for many fish recipes. When you go to buy fresh milk fish, the first thing you should consider is to find trusted fishmonger or seafood market which is quite challenging. Pick high quality fresh milkfish by appearance, smell, and touch the fish.
-          Appearance: First when you go to look for fresh fish, you should find a milkfish that have shiny scales and bright plus clear eyes. Avoid buying fish with dry look and dull eyes because it is mean they are no longer fresh.
-          Smell: Since it is fish then of course it will smell like fish, but freshest fish will not smell like rotten meats. They should smell like fresh ocean water. If you smell the fish and then it stink then do not buy it.
-          Touch: When you allowed touching the fish, you need to give some pressure on the fish flesh using your finger. If the flesh spring back after you touch it then the fish is fresh, but if not then move to another fresh fish.
Ask the fishmonger or the market’s staff when the fish are caught to ensure that you get the freshest milk fish. There are certain types of fresh milkfish available such as whole round, Hgt, Hg, fillets, and steaks. If you want easy preparation and quick cooking then you may want to go with fillets or steaks.
Start cooking fresh milkfish recipe
Please take a note that deboning milkfish is quite hard, so either you ask the fishmonger to debone it to you or buying milkfish bangus fillets are excellent choices to have. Cooking fresh milkfish recipe can be done in many ways like pan frying, baking, grilling, smoking, steaming, and many more. As for today, we would like to share how to fry fresh milkfish since frying cooking method is the easiest way and can bring the mild taste of bangus to show up better than any other methods. Learn how to cook the fish with simple recipe below:
-          Pepper and salt for flavor
-          2 cups of vinegar
-          ¼ cups of olive oil
-          2 slices of onion
-          1 fresh milkfish
-          2 cloves of garlic
1.      Until you are ready to use the fresh milkfish, store the fish in refrigerator or better freeze it.
2.      Marinate the fish for an hour using mixture of vinegar, pepper, and salt to strengthen the flavor.
3.      Preheat the olive oil, place the fish with the skin stick to the frying pan. Cook the milkfish over medium heat and flip the fish when one side is already turns golden brown. Fish is quick to cook unlike beef meat; that’s why you should pay attention when cooking fresh milkfish to prevent overcook.
4.      The milkfish is completely done when they are flake easily with fork. Remove the milkfish from the frying pan and then serve immediately with steamed rice and seaweed salad.
5.      You have an option to serve the fish with tomato in soy sauce as well.
Fresh fish can be used within two days thus if you do not want to use the milkfish right after buying it then you can marinate the fish and then store it into the refrigerator overnight so the seasonings can be absorbed more perfectly.
Cooking fresh milkfish and consume it will provide enough omega 3 fatty acids content and protein. However, if you do not want to get additional calories from the cooking oil then you may want to cook the fish with another cooking method which is steaming. Although the taste is maybe will not as good as deep frying it.


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