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Milkfish Fillet in Tomato Curry Easy to Cook Recipe

Monday 4 September 2017

Milkfish Fillet in Tomato Curry Easy to Cook Recipe

For you who owned a curry restaurant, then you might want to create milkfish fillet in tomato curry as one of your menu. Nowadays there are many people interested in tasting curry since this dish has very unique taste. Furthermore there are many ingredients that they can use on the curry thus they can choose many kinds of ingredients that they love to eat as the curry ingredient. If you have a curry restaurant, then you might want to try using many kinds of ingredient in your curry restaurant so the customers that come to your restaurant can choose any ingredient that they like.

Milkfish Fillet in Tomato Curry for Curry Restaurant Menu
One of the ingredients that you might want to use is the milkfish fillet product. This food fish has very delicious taste that many people will surely love in the curry. However you should also find the curry taste that will be more suitable for this milkfish fillet. That is why you might want to cook the milkfish fillet in tomato curry to create the best combination for your curry restaurant menu. The delicious milkfish fillet combine with tomato curry will create fresh dish that many people will love to eat. Surely they would not get bored whenever they eat this dish in your curry restaurant, thus you should really add it to your restaurant menu. But of course you will need to learn about the ingredient as well as the method that you can use to cook this dish, so let us learn it.
Milkfish fillet in tomato curry Ingredient:
-          Milkfish fillets 3 pcs
-          Calamansi lime 1 tablespoon juice
-          Garlic 3 cloves
-          Thai chilly 2 pcs
-          Tomato 2 pcs medium size
-          Tomato paste 1 tablespoon
-          Cumin powder ½ teaspoon
-          Vinegar ½ tablespoon
-          Onion small 1 pcs chopped finely
-          Water ¼ cup
-          Sugar
-          Pepper
-          Salt
-          Olive oil 2 tablespoon
-          Chili flakes ½ teaspoon
-          Coriander leaves chopped as necessary
Milkfish fillet in tomato curry cooking direction:
1.      Take a bowl then pour in the calamansi line, add pepper and salt, then stir to mix.
2.      Take the milkfish fillet then put it on the bowl to coat the surface with the mixture. Flip it once then coat the other surface with the mixture. Let it sit for around 15 minutes inside the mixture.
3.      Take a blender, add inside some of the ingredients such as Thai chilly, garlic, tomato, cumin powder, tomato paste, vinegar and salt then grind all of the ingredient until it become paste. Put it on a bowl then set it aside.
4.      Take a saucepan with medium size.
5.      Pour in the oil then put inside the onion and sauté it until it will become light brownish color.
6.      Pour in the tomato blend then light simmer it for a while.
7.      Take the catfish fillet from the marinate mixture then add into the saucepan. Cover the pan and reduce the heat to low setting then cook it for around 7 more minutes so the catfish fillet will be tender.
8.      Take off the cover then pour in the water if you see the curry has start to dry. Cook it again for another 2 minutes. Taste if necessary then add more seasoning as you like.
9.      Take off from the stove then pour into a serving bowl.
10.  Put coriander leaves and chili flake for garnishing.
11.  Serve together with hot rice or bread, and then eat immediately.
Those are the ingredients and cooking direction that you can use to cook milkfish fillet for your curry restaurant. As you can see, it is very easy to cook this dish so you can make it fast whenever your customers order this menu on your curry restaurant. Remember that you also need to get milkfish fillet product which has high quality to be used as the ingredient to cook milkfish dish for your curry restaurant. That is why you will need to choose the right supplier that can give the best milkfish fillet product for your curry restaurant. After you get the right milkfish fillet product then you can create the best milkfish fillet in tomato curry using this recipe for your curry restaurant.


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