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Bangus Fillet Calories Number Information

Sunday 3 September 2017

Bangus Fillet Calories Number Information

Bangus fillet calories are really low and this is why the fish often included in dietary menu plan. In the 3 oz of milkfish, there are 126 calories and if you fry boneless milkfish bangus fillet then it offers more calories, about 170 calories. Of course different brands and servings will provide different number of calories, but bangus is a fish that low in calories so it is okay to eat the milkfish in your weight loss diet meal menu.
When you intent to bring down some of your weight then eat food with less calories but high in protein is a must since you should burn the calories in your body when you want to lose some weight. That’s why, you must not eat more than recommended daily calories intake which is 2,000 calories or better less than that number if you want to lose weight faster.

Bangus fillet calories low in number and great for healthy diet
If you want to lose some pounds then you need to eat food which high in protein but low in calories just like milkfish bangus. Bangus fillet calories number is low as well as its fats and carbohydrates so it is really good to be part of your healthy diet. By eating seafood that high in protein, it can help to provide energy and cut those starving feeling when dieting. Cutting calories bring many advantages and one of them to lose some weight properly.
Besides low in calories, milkfish bangus also offer numerous healthy nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. When you purchase frozen bangus fillets, look at the package and you will see that the manufacturers often include some information about the nutritional facts. From the label, you can tell what you eat and how much nutrition plus calories provided by the fish fillets. That’s why, before you pick out one package of milkfish, it is better to check on the nutritional values label first and pay attention on the bangus fillet calories value as well as other mentioned nutrition facts.
Consideration when eating bangus fillet
If you want to avoid add more calories in the bangus fillet, never cook the fish in oil with pan fried method, why? Because the oil will add more calories content to the dish, although the taste is superb when the fish is pan fried. You also should not use oil like vegetable oil since it is high in calories and will give the milkfish additional calories. Moreover, it is best to cook the bangus fillet by baked it or steamed it. Baked and steamed best to maintain the nutrition values and they provide lower calories cooking method. Meanwhile, you cannot serve bangus fillet with condiment that high in calories as well.
How to prepare bangus fillet?
Prepare bangus fillet will be easier if you just purchase frozen fish fillet instead of whole round fish and then fillet it yourself at home. Cleaning and preparing whole round milkfish bangus into fillet cuts is a complex task and you need to spend a lot of time just to fillet one fish. You need to cut and debone the fish, after that you can cut the fish into slices of fillets. Well, saying is easier than done it because bangus is a bony fish that have numerous small bones. If you do not have enough skill to remove the bones of the milkfish on your own then alternatively, you can ask the fishmonger with expert skill to fillet the fish for your or better just buy frozen fillet bangus fish.
To prepare bangus fillet, you can thaw the frozen fish overnight by store it inside refrigerator or you can cook it straight out of the refrigerator. You can rinse the frozen fish under cold water to get rid the ice crystal. After you are done thawing the fish or removing the ice crystal, you can marinate the fish with pepper and salt for easy bangus fillet seasonings. Let the fish marinated in the mixture for 15 minutes before you cook it.
When the fish fillets absorb the seasonings, it will strengthen the flavor. The next step you can do is to cook the bangus milkfish fillets with various ways. You can fried it with oil, but it will add bangus fillet calories level so better take other cooking methods such as steamed.


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