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Bangus Belly Fillet Easy Recipe Try At Home!

Sunday 3 September 2017

Bangus Belly Fillet Easy Recipe Try At Home!

You should try tasty milkfish bangus belly fillet dish since it has the most tender texture you probably never had. The belly part of the bangus fish is considered by many people to be the tastier part when eating this seafood and when the belly is sliced into fillets, the taste even better. Bangus fish is a silvery tropical fish that can be found abundantly in Pacific and Indian Ocean. They are a very important commodity in fishing industry because they offer healthy seafood product and low in mercury as well; to put it simply they are one of the safest fish to eat.

Bangus belly fillet recipes to try at home!
If you want to have quick and easy breakfast or maybe dinner, then you should try bangus belly fillet seafood product. Of course you can try to save time by purchasing frozen fillets instead of buy whole round fish and then fillet it yourself at home because it really a complicated task.
Bangus fillets can be cooked in many ways including pan fried, steamed, baked, grilled, broiled, smoked, and many more. You can try either of the cooking methods according to your like or you better try them all to find out which one can provide the tastier bangus milkfish dish experience. Anyway, today we also want to share to you some recipes using bangus fillet. You can try this bangus belly fillet steak recipe at home:
-          450 grams of bangus belly fillets
-          Lemon juice
-          Salt and pepper for flavor
-          1 large white onion (peeled and sliced into rings)
-          A half cup of cooking oil
-          6 cloves of garlic (peeled and minced)
-          A half cup of soy sauce
1.      Make a mixture in a bowl of lemon juice, soy sauce, pepper, and salt.
2.      Place the bangus belly fillet fish in the mixture, marinate it for 20 to 30 minutes.
3.      Preheat the frying pan and add cooking oil. Fry the onion ring and garlic separately and set them aside.
4.      On the same frying pan, place the bangus fillets and then cook them until the color turns golden brown. Please take a note that fillets are quick to cook so you need to pay attention when cooking fish fillets to prevent overcook. You can cook each side about two to three minutes. Flip the fish immediately when one side turns brown.
5.      Place the cooked milkfish fillets in a semi-deep dish. Next, boil the marinade with different pan for few minutes and then pour it on the dish.
6.      Sprinkle the bangus dish with garlic and then garnish with onion rings. Serve with steamed rice or you can make garlic fried rice which is tastier.
The bangus belly fillet recipe above is very simple and easy, right? You can also try different recipes according to your like. Fillets are easy to absorb marinate seasonings and this is why people love to cook fillets. The mild flavor of bangus fish will be better if you give additional ingredients and cooking them together just like above recipes.

Why you should try bangus fillet?
1.      Because it is everyday fish you can taste. Bangus milkfish does not have strong flavor so if you do not like too fishy seafood then milkfish is your choice while fillets serve quick and easy cooking preparation.
2.      It is really convenience, if you buy frozen fillets of course. You can use them any time since they will not spoil quickly thanks to the frozen processing. You can even use a half of the fillet and then store the rest for later or next day.
3.      Boneless fillets are the best choice for milkfish bangus product. Bangus is popular for its numerous bones and thus if you do not want to accidentally swallow the bones, you can buy boneless and skinless bangus fillet. They are just as good as whole round milkfish. If you want to eat the fillets with the skin still attached then there is a product available like that too!
4.      It offers numerous nutrients and you can even tell the nutrition values by the packaging label.
That’s why you should eat more bangus belly fillets every week if you want to taste nice and healthy dish.


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