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Milkfish in Chinese Dishes Created by Chinese Restaurant Business

Monday 4 September 2017

Milkfish in Chinese Dishes Created by Chinese Restaurant Business

If you have a Chinese restaurant, then you might want to search for factory that sells milkfish in Chinese. Chinese restaurant usually have very delicious dishes made from different kinds of meat and vegetable combination with unique taste that everyone loves. And everyone already knows that Chinese food is one of the best foods in the world. That is why a lot of people like to dine in this restaurant. In fact some people can come to the Chinese restaurant almost every weekend since they can dine together with their family member and entertain them at this place.

Chinese Restaurant Business Using Milkfish in Chinese Dishes
Then again if they come to dine together with their family member in your Chinese restaurant then they might get bored with the menu you provide. That is why, it is very important for you to be able to provide various menus so they can come to your Chinese restaurant often but not feel bored with the dishes. To be able to create various menus in your restaurant, you might want to consider adding more ingredients in your Chinese restaurant inventory. And one of the ingredients you might want to use is the milkfish in Chinese shī mù yú as the Chinese people like to call this food fish.
Shī mù yú ingredient has delicious taste and it is also versatile to use for various menu that you have in your Chinese restaurant. Thus you can create more dishes by using only this single ingredient. But you should also provide high quality dish in your Chinese restaurant since you do not want to lose your customer because of dishes that has low quality. That is why the shī mù yú ingredient that you use also has high quality so your dishes will have high quality as well. And remember to have high quality ingredient, this means you also need to have high quality milkfish in Chinese supplier location.
But if you want to have high quality supplier, then you should know the method they use to produce their product. Especially, because high quality supplier is usually use high quality method, when creating their product which able to ensure the value of their product. Now let us see the method that your supplier in China uses to create the shī mù yú product.
First the supplier in China would not purchase the shī mù yú fish from other supplier since they could not ensure the value of that shī mù yú fish if they get it from other supplier. Instead they will grow the shī mù yú fish by themselves and create a shī mù yú fish farm to grow the fish in their own milkfish factory. They will use mature milkfish in Chinese name as shī mù yú fish which able to give them high quality shī mù yú egg which they will grow later. Then the egg will be taken out using fish net to put it inside the hatching container, and then the egg will hatched inside this container. The shī mù yú fish larvae that coming out from the egg will be move again to the larval growing container after one day.
The shī mù yú fish larvae will stay inside the larval growing container for around one month until they grow into shī mù yú fish fingerling. Then the fingerling is ready to move again into the shī mù yú fish pond where it will grow completely. After the shī mù yú fish reached around half lb or one lb in weight, and then it is ready for harvest. Now this milkfish in Chinese also called as shī mù yú fish is taken to the factory to be use to create the product.
Arrival in the factory, the shī mù yú fish is cleaned completely from inside out. Then the meat is separated from the bones to create the shī mù yú fish product you will use in your Chinese restaurant. Afterwards the shī mù yú fish product will be packed so it can be protected from dirt. Last it will be freeze to ensure that the shī mù yú fish stays fresh when it is arrive into your Chinese milkfish restaurant. Those are the methods that the supplier will use to create the milkfish in Chinese product.


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